From luxury hotels to private households – how to make the move

A career within luxury hotels is an immersive and dynamic experience, where a unique skill set is paramount to meet the elevated standards and expectations of discerning guests. This demands a commitment to exceptional service, attention to detail, and the ability to adapt swiftly to ever-changing demands. Interestingly, these qualities align closely with the expectations inherent in working within private households.

At Cora, we specialise in facilitating the seamless transition of seasoned professionals from the realm of luxury 5-star hotels into exclusive positions within some of the world’s most distinguished private households. Our extensive experience in bridging this gap has allowed us to understand the nuanced requirements of both sectors, ensuring a smooth and successful move for our candidates.

In our latest blog, we delve into the key considerations and insights to contemplate when making this move.

How do you make the move a successful one?

Identify your transferable skills

  • Assess your skills gained in the luxury hotel industry. Skills such as attention to detail, service excellence, time management, and discretion are highly transferable to private households.

Understand the unique dynamics of private households

  • Research and familiarise yourself with the expectations and nuances of working in private households. Understand the privacy concerns, personal preferences, and high standards that are characteristic of households.

Tailor your CV

  • Highlight relevant experiences and skills on your CV that align with the needs of a private household. Emphasise your ability to provide personalised and discreet service.

Engage in networking

  • Leverage your existing network and seek connections within the private staffing industry. Attend events, join professional organisations, and engage with online platforms where individuals working in private households may be present.

Certifications and training

  • Consider obtaining certifications that are valued in the private household sector, such as certifications within butler services or estate management. This demonstrates your commitment to adapting your skills to the unique requirements of private households.

Tailor your search

  • Look for positions that specifically mention they require candidates with hotel experience or emphasise the importance of excellent service. Roles like a Butler or a Housekeeper may be well suited to your skill set.

Flexible mindset

  • Be prepared to adapt to the different pace and dynamics of working in a private household. Flexibility and a willingness to take on a variety of responsibilities are key attributes in this setting.

Seek guidance

  • Reach out to professionals who have successfully made the transition from hotels to private households. Seek advice on challenges they faced and insights they gained during the process.

Demonstrating your commitment to personalised service, discretion, and understanding the unique needs of private individuals will set you apart in this highly competitive and niche industry. Our experienced team can help by matching your skills with the right opportunities.

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From luxury hotels to private households – how to make the move