Our client is seeking an experienced and proactive live-out Housekeeper for their large family home located near Tetbury in Gloucestershire. The family home is vibrant and busy, with small children and pets, and two busy parents, so the housekeeper must be adaptable and able to handle a dynamic environment.

The role involves working alongside a wider team of housekeepers, a House Manager, and external contractors.

Job duties:

Responsibilities of the Housekeeper near Tetbury include:

  • Perform daily cleaning tasks, including dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and organising all living spaces
  • Manage the household laundry, including washing, ironing, folding, and putting away clothes and linens
  • Changing and making the beds
  • Handle and care for valuable items, such as antiques, artwork, and delicate furnishings, following specific cleaning and maintenance instructions
  • Occasional feeding, walking, and grooming of pets
  • Take care of various errands, such as picking up dry cleaning, dropping off packages, and handling other tasks to assist the household
  • Keep track of household supplies, cleaning products, and groceries, and inform the House Manager when these require replenishing
  • Perform occasional deep cleaning, organising projects, and other special tasks as needed

Candidates must be/have:

  • Prior experience working in a busy formal household
  • A valid driving licence and the ability to travel to a rural location
  • Experience of working with fine fabrics
  • Happy working with dogs and children


This is a live-out role, so no accommodation is provided.


Full time – five days, 40 hours a week. Working one weekend out of four (days off in the week will be given if the weekend has been worked)


Near Tetbury, Gloucestershire.


£32,000, depending on experience + discretionary bonus.

Job ref

CP624 Live-out Housekeeper near Tetbury.

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