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Luxury Brand Recruitment

Our services are designed to make the process of hiring impeccable staff as efficient and stress-free as possible. We understand that your business is unique, and our personalised approach along with a wide range of services ensures that we find the perfect candidates for your brand.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Head of Client Services
  • Personal / Private Shopper
  • Client Advisor
  • Private Client Manager
  • Global Client Partner
  • Host
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Brand Specialist
  • Luxury Brand Administrator
  • Commercial Brand Development
Cora Partners
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Why choose Cora?

Personalised Service

Our recruitment process starts with a consultation to understand your company’s culture, values and specific requirements. We work closely with you to identify the ideal candidate for each role, ensuring a personalised and tailored service.

Extensive Network

With our extensive network of luxury retail professionals, we are confident in our ability to find the best candidates for your brand. Our team of experienced recruiters use their industry knowledge and connections to ensure that we attract the most talented candidates for your business.

Quality Assurance

We understand the importance of quality assurance and strive to provide the highest standards of service. Each candidate undergoes a rigorous screening process, which includes in-depth interviews and background checks, along with written and verbal references. We only put forward candidates who meet our strict criteria, ensuring that you receive the best possible candidates for each role.

Ongoing Support

Our service doesn’t stop at the placement stage. We provide ongoing support to ensure our clients and candidates are happy with the full recruitment cycle. We offer guidance and advice to our clients to guarantee a smooth onboarding process, allowing the new hire to reach their maximum performance in the role as quickly as possible.