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Exclusive Private Chauffeur opportunities in London await

Are you a skilled chauffeur seeking a new role? At Cora, we specialise in connecting top-tier talent with prestigious opportunities in Private Households in the UK around the world.

Why choose Cora for Chauffeur Jobs?

With over 10 years’ experience in domestic staffing, Cora has a network of established clients and represents some of the most exclusive Private Households and clients in the world.

We provide a range of private chauffeur jobs, from central London, to serene estates in the home counties – we ensure the role reflects your skills and experience.

We understand the importance of privacy in the world of private service. Cora values your confidentiality and ensures that your job search remains discreet, protecting your professional reputation.

Our team of experienced recruiters provide tailored support throughout the entire process, from an initial one-to-one consultation to securing your dream chauffeur job.

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Expectations of a Private Chauffeur driver in London

A high level of professionalism

A Private Chauffeur must have a polished and impeccable demeanour, delivering exceptional service with every interaction.

Discretion is paramount

Uphold the utmost confidentiality and respect for privacy, ensuring a secure and trustworthy experience for clients.

Local expertise

A Private Chauffeur must have expert knowledge of London’s streets, landmarks, and traffic patterns to provide a seamless journey for the Principal(s) and guests.

Ready to embark on a journey of luxury and prestige?

Submit your application today and join us in setting the standard for excellence in private chauffeur services in London.