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Explore Cora’s latest Domestic Couple Jobs in the UK

Are you an experienced Domestic Couple seeking a new position?

Cora specialises in private household staff and has long-standing relationships with some of the most prestigious households in the UK – each recognising and rewarding excellence, discretion, and professionalism.

A Domestic Couple is an integral part of a private residence – providing a seamless service and ensuring the smooth running of the household.

Why choose Cora for Domestic Couple Jobs?

For over ten years, Cora has been placing exceptional Domestic Couples in exclusive private residences, ranging from country estates and private villas to palaces, in stunning locations across the globe.

Our experienced team of recruiters understands the distinctive needs of each household. Working closely with each Domestic couple, we go beyond each CV to learn the skills, personality, and unique preferences. This detailed approach ensures we make the perfect match for each private residence, to ensure we’re creating a harmonious household.

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Expectations of a Domestic Couple in a Private Household

Exceptional attention-to-detail and organisation

A Domestic Couple is expected to be highly observant and detail-orientated in their work. They must have excellent organisation skills, to effectively manage all schedules, appointments and tasks.

Excellent communication and teamwork

Effective communication is essential for coordinating and ensuring that tasks are completed smoothly, along with teamwork to ensure all different aspects of household responsibilities are managed effectively.


A key quality is discretion, as Domestic Couples are often privy to personal and confidential information about the Principal and their family.

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Discover Cora’s latest Domestic Couple Jobs in the UK, and have your skills recognised at one of the most prestigious private households.