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Our experienced team of recruiters understand that every private household is unique. We go beyond your CV, to understand your skills, personality, and preferences to ensure you are the perfect match for each household.

We have a global reach – with a particular focus on London, Monaco, Switzerland, and New York – and pride ourselves on a network encompassing some of the most exclusive homes in the world.

Explore our latest private household staff openings – from Private Chefs, Estate Managers, Nannies and Gardeners, to Chauffeurs and Personal Assistants – our diverse portfolio of roles caters to a wide range of skills and expertise.

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Expectations of Private Household Staff in a Private Residence

Exemplary service delivery

  • Private Household staff are expected to provide an exceptional service tailored to the unique needs and expectations of the Principal(s) and guests. A dedication to delivering a flawless lifestyle experience is paramount.

Attention to detail and discretion

  • A keen eye for detail and the highest level of discretion is very important. Private household staff roles demand professionals who can uphold the privacy and confidentiality of esteemed clients.

Collaboration and teamwork

  • Private Household staff must work seamlessly as part of a wider household team. Collaboration is key to ensuring that every aspect of the residence runs smoothly and efficiently.

Flexibility to accommodate the unique needs of the client

  • Staff must embrace flexibility, adjusting to the unique lifestyles and preferences of the Principal(s) and guests. Private household staff positions require professionals who can adapt to the ever-changing demands of an exclusive residence.

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