Chief of Staff for Private Households

A Chief of Staff plays a crucial role in managing the household efficiently, providing strategic support, overseeing staff, maintaining confidentiality, organising events, and ensuring the security and well-being of the household.

A Chief of Staff’s experience, expertise and coordination contribute to the smooth day-to-day running of the Principal’s household.


Responsibilities of a Chief of Staff:

Strategic planning and decision making

A Chief of Staff provides strategic support to the Principal – helping them establish and implement long-term plans and goals, ensuring the household’s objectives are met. They assist with decision-making by providing insights, gathering information, and offering recommendations based on their expertise.

Staff management

In a private household, there are often high numbers of staff – such as housekeepers, cooks, gardeners, nannies, and drivers. The role of Chief of Staff is to manage and supervise these staff members, including involvement in the hiring, training, and evaluation of their performance. They need to ensure staff are well-trained, motivated, and aligned with the household’s standards and expectations.

Event planning and hosting

The Chief of Staff would also take charge of the event planning and coordination of various parties, family gatherings and charity events within the household.

Household security

The Chief of Staff is responsible for overseeing security measures, such as implementing security systems, coordinating with security personnel or external providers, and ensuring proper protocols are in place to protect the household.

Financial management

A Chief of Staff manages budgets, expenses, and financial matters. They may work with accountants and financial advisors to ensure proper financial management within the household.


What is the salary of a Chief of Staff in a Private Household?

A Chief of Staff can earn anywhere between £60,000 – £180,000

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