Housekeepers for Private Households

The role of a Housekeeper in a Private Household can vary depending on the specific needs and expectations of the Principal, and the size and number of residences. They are responsible for maintaining a clean, organised, and comfortable household.

There are variety of roles in Housekeeping, such as Assistant Housekeeper, Junior Housekeeper or Head Housekeeper, and the role can be either live-in or live-out.

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Responsibilities of a Housekeeper:

General cleaning and organisation

A Housekeeper in a Private Household is responsible for maintaining a clean and tidy residence. This includes dusting, sweeping, mopping floors, cleaning windows and bathrooms. They also organise and declutter rooms, ensuring that belongings are neatly arranged.

Laundry and ironing

A Housekeeper handles laundry, including washing, drying, folding and ironing of clothes, linens, and towels. They also handle delicate or special care items, such as delicate fabrics or clothing that requires dry cleaning.

Bed and room preparation

A Housekeeper ensures that beds are made, linens are fresh, and rooms are prepared for residents or guests. They may also arrange flowers and create a comfortable environment for Principals and any guests.

Cooking and meal preparation

A Housekeeper often may assist with meal planning and preparation. They can also help with grocery shopping, chopping vegetables, cooking meals and ensuring the kitchen is clean and organised.

Household management

A Housekeeper often takes on additional responsibilities related to the household. This can include managing household supplies, keeping an inventory of cleaning products, and coordinating repairs. They may also handle administrative tasks such as paying bills, managing schedules and overseeing other household staff members.

Pet care

In households with pets, housekeepers may be involved in feeding and grooming of the animals. They may also assist with walking dogs.

Childcare support

A Nanny/Housekeeper is involved in the care of the children in the household. This can involve supervising children, helping with homework, and preparing snacks.



What is the salary of a Housekeeper?

A Housekeeper can earn anywhere between £38,000 – £60,000, depending on their experience.

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