Maternity Nurse for Private Households

A Maternity Nurse in a Private Household provides specialised care and support to new parents and their newborns during the first few weeks or months after birth.

Their primary focus is on ensuring the well-being, health, and comfort of both the baby and the mother during the postpartum period. Maternity Nurses often have a wealth of knowledge and experience in newborn care, infant feeding, and postpartum recovery.

A baby's arm laid on a blue and white star blanket.

Responsibilities of a Maternity Nurse:

Newborn Care

Providing round-the-clock care for the newborn, including feeding, diapering, bathing, and ensuring the baby’s overall comfort.

Breastfeeding Support

Assisting and guiding the mother with breastfeeding techniques, positioning, and troubleshooting any breastfeeding challenges.

Infant Sleep Patterns

Helping establish healthy sleep routines and patterns for the baby, as well as providing advice on safe sleep practices.

Postpartum Recovery Support

Offering guidance and support to the mother during her postpartum recovery, including monitoring her physical and emotional well-being.

Baby Health Monitoring

Observing the baby’s health and development, and promptly notifying parents if there are any concerns or issues.


Providing parents with information on newborn care, feeding, soothing techniques, and other aspects of infant development.

Sibling and Family Integration

Assisting with the integration of the newborn into the family and providing support for older siblings if applicable.

Household Support

Focusing on the care of the newborn while allowing parents to rest and recover, which may involve light household tasks related to the baby’s care.

Sleep Training

Implementing gentle sleep training methods and helping establish healthy sleep habits for the baby.

Emotional Support

Offering emotional support and reassurance to new parents as they navigate the challenges of early parenthood.

A baby being cradled by an adult.


What is the salary of a Maternity Nurse in a Private Household?

The salary of a Maternity Nurse varies on the level of experience, duration of the engagement, whether live-in or live-out, specific duties required and the location of the household.

The daily rate of a Maternity Nurse ranges from £150 to £300 or more.