Private Chefs for Private Households

A Private Chef is responsible for preparing meals for the residents of the household. They create a personalised, high-quality culinary service, ensuring that the residents enjoy delicious meals, tailored to their dietary requirements and preferences.

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Responsibilities of a Private Chef:

Menu planning

A Private Chef works closely with the Principals and household, to plan menus that are in line with their preferences, and considering factors such as nutritional balance, seasonal ingredients and personal tastes.

Meal preparation

A Private Chef handles all aspects of meal preparation, including shopping for groceries, selecting fresh ingredients, and preparing meals from scratch. They can provide a range of dishes, from simple and healthy meals to elaborate formal banquets.

Culinary skills

A Private Chef has often had formal culinary training at a top establishment, or extensive experience in 5*, high-end hotels.

Meal timing and schedules

A Private Chef consider the daily routines and preferences of the household members when planning meals. They ensure that meals are served at the desired times, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks.

Kitchen management

A Private Chef typically manages the household kitchen, including its organisation and cleanliness. They may handle kitchen inventory, equipment maintenance, and coordination with other staff members, such as kitchen assistants or sous chefs.

Events and occasions

A Private Chef is often responsible for organising and executing meals for special occasions, events, or dinner parties hosted by the household. They may plan customised menus, arrange for additional staff and oversee the entire culinary experience.


Private chefs often need to be flexible with their working hours, as they may be required to accommodate changing schedules and adjust menu planning based on last-minute requests.

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What is the salary of a Private Chef in a Private Household?

A Private Chef can earn anywhere between £55,000 – £80,000.

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