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Exclusive Maternity Nurse Jobs in Private Households

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Why choose Cora for Maternity Nurse Jobs?

For 10 years, Cora has been connecting maternity nurse professionals with an array of private household opportunities. Our global network includes some of the most prestigious private residences worldwide.

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A nursery room showing a cuddly toy and blankets on a stool.

Expectations of a Maternity Nurse in a Private Household

Parental support and education

  • A Maternity Nurse must offer guidance and emotional support to new parents on everything from newborn care, breastfeeding, and general baby-related concerns.

Establishing a routine

  • Working in a private household, a Maternity Nurse must assist in establishing and maintaining a daily routine for the newborn that aligns with the family’s lifestyle and preferences.

Discretion and confidentiality

  • The highest level of discretion must be adopted, regarding the family’s personal matters.

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