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Writing an employment contract for household staff

When writing an employment contract for your domestic staff, it’s important to clearly outline the terms and conditions to avoid any misunderstandings or disputes in the future. Well-drafted written contracts provide clarity and transparency regarding the rights and obligations of both parties. There is a lot to think about when drafting a contract of employment, […]

Why engage with an HR professional?

Having household staff should enable you to spend more time on things you enjoy, without the hassle of having to manage staff or fear any indiscretions regarding your family or personal affairs. With so much involved in running a household, HR often doesn’t get the focus it needs, or individuals are put in charge of […]

Tailored HR support, covering all your household needs

Cora is delighted to introduce an HR consultancy service to our clients, either on a package, retained or pay as you need basis – to help with a range of employment matters, including employment contracts, HR processes and policies, employee issues or manager development. Our consultant, Lyn, has many years of experience working within HR, […]

Cora co-hosts HR Development Workshop

Earlier this week Cora Founder Izzy Boland was delighted to attend and co-host the second of our vibrant HR Development Workshops with Sofia Syed from Keystone Law, and the Association of Celebrity Assistants (the ACA). These get togethers are informal and provide a confidential space where the brightest Private PA minds discuss and debate the […]