Top tips for private household job searches before the end of the year

Applying for a new job in a Private Household in November and December comes with its own set of considerations, as it’s almost holiday season and the end of the calendar year.

Here are some of our top tips for those seeking a new role in a Private Household during this time:

Update your CV and LinkedIn profile

Ensure your CV is up to date, look at the skills and experience that’s required for the roles you’re applying to, and ensure you’re tailoring your CV accordingly.

Don’t forget to optimise your LinkedIn profile with a professional photo, a compelling headline, and details on each of your current and previous jobs, including job related keywords.

Set realistic expectations

Within domestic staffing, the recruitment process tends to slow down during the holiday season, as Principal(s) are often travelling or focussing on family time – so there are often delays in scheduling of interviews or decision making. Be patient and realistic in your expectations.

Network at social gatherings and parties

Use holiday parties, networking events and industry gatherings to connect with private household professionals and express your interest in potential job opportunities.

Stay active on jobs boards and follow the right socials

Sign up for alerts, regularly check job boards for new postings, and follow relevant social groups, such as our LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram groups.

Highlight your flexibility

Communicate your availability and flexibility during the holiday season, this is often encouraging for the Principals(s) to know that you can start quickly, if required.

Prepare for video interviews

Due to travel and scheduling constraints, video interviews may be more common during the holiday season. Familiarise yourself with video conferencing tools and ensure you have a professional setup for virtual interviews.

Send follow-ups

If you’ve already applied or interviewed, consider sending follow-up emails with a seasonal touch. If you’re interested in a specific Private Household job, express your interest in the position and wish the team a happy holiday season.

Be mindful of company holidays

Check the holiday schedules of the agencies you’re applying to. Avoid sending applications or follow-ups on major holidays when key decision-makers may be away.

Stay proactive and positive, and be prepared to navigate potential delays in the hiring process.

Don’t forget to utilise our private household recruitment insights to enhance your job search and secure a role that matches your skills and aspirations.

Best of luck!

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Top tips for private household job searches before the end of the year