What are the responsibilities of a Travelling Private Chef?

A Travelling Private Chef for an UHNWI typically has a set of responsibilities that go beyond those of a traditional chef. With UHNWI’s leading often demanding and high-profile lifestyles, they expect a specific level of personalised service.

Responsibilities of a Travelling Private Chef for an UHNWI may include:

Menu planning and execution

  • Creating customised menus based on the UHNWI’s preferences, dietary restrictions, and any specific culinary requirements
  • Preparing and cooking high-quality meals with attention to presentation and nutritional balance

Culinary expertise

  • Staying updated on the latest culinary trends, techniques, and international cuisines to provide a diverse and sophisticated dining experience

Travel planning

  • Co-ordinating with the Principal’s personal assistant or travel coordinator to ensure seamless travel arrangements, including packing necessary kitchen equipment, ingredients, and tools

Global cuisine knowledge

  • Being well-versed in preparing a variety of international cuisines, as Principal’s often travel globally and may have diverse culinary preferences


  • Being adaptable to different kitchen environments and equipment, as the Private Chef may work in various residences or on private jets and yachts

Event catering

  • Planning and executing private events, parties, and gatherings, which may include liaising with event planners and managing kitchen staff

Budget management

  • Managing budgets for groceries, speciality ingredients, and any additional staff required during travels

Discretion and confidentiality

  • Maintaining a high level of discretion and confidentiality regarding the Principal’s personal life, preferences, and any sensitive information

Nutritional expertise

  • Providing guidance on nutrition and healthy eating, aligning with the Principal’s health goals and dietary preferences

Co-ordination with other Private Household staff

  • Collaborating with other household staff, such as House Managers, Butlers, Housekeepers, Security and Drivers, to ensure a smooth and integrated service experience

Flexibility and long hours

  • Being flexible with working hours, as Principal’s may have unpredictable schedules, and being prepared to work long hours when required

Culinary education and training

  • Continuously enhancing culinary skills through education and training to meet the evolving tastes and preferences of the Principal


  • Quick problem-solving skills to handle unexpected challenges in different settings, whether it be in a private residence or during travel

In summary, a Travelling Private Chef needs to offer a highly personalised and adaptable culinary service, combining culinary expertise with organisational and interpersonal skills to meet the unique needs of their Principal(s).

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What are the responsibilities of a Travelling Private Chef?