What is the role of a Nanny/Housekeeper?

A Nanny/Housekeeper’s responsibilities are multifaceted and involve both childcare and household management responsibilities.

Given the unique demands and lifestyle of high-profile individuals, the Nanny/Housekeeper’s tasks may be more specialised and extensive compared to those of a typical household staff member.

A Nanny/Housekeeper’s responsibilities include:


This includes tasks such as:

  • Supervising and interacting with the children, ensuring their safety and well-being
  • Planning and implementing age-appropriate activities and educational experiences
  • Assisting with homework and educational needs
  • Preparing meals and snacks for the children
  • Organising playdates, outings, and recreational activities
  • Handling bedtime routines and ensuring the children’s daily schedules are followed


This includes:

  • Cleaning and tidying various areas of the house, including bedrooms, living spaces, and common areas
  • Doing laundry, ironing, and other household chores
  • Managing household supplies and grocery shopping
  • Overseeing the general upkeep of the property, including coordinating with other household staff or contractors for repairs and maintenance
  • Organising closets, storage spaces, and other areas as needed

Personal Assistance

Depending on the client’s specific needs, the Nanny/Housekeeper might also provide personal assistance, such as:

  • Running errands for the Principal and their family
  • Assisting with event planning, travel arrangements and reservations
  • Managing household budgets and financial tasks
  • Handling correspondence and communication on behalf of the family

Confidentiality and Discretion

High-profile clients value their privacy, and a Nanny/Housekeeper working for them must exercise a high level of confidentiality and discretion. They should always respect the family’s privacy.


The schedule of a high-profile client can be unpredictable, with frequent travel, appearances, and work commitments. The Nanny/Housekeeper should be flexible and willing to adapt to changing schedules and circumstances.

Cultural sensitivity and professionalism

Client celebrities often interact with people from diverse backgrounds. The Nanny/Housekeeper should possess cultural sensitivity and maintain a high level of professionalism in their interactions with the client, their family and other staff members.

Child safety and security

Ensuring the safety and security of the client’s children is of utmost importance. The Nanny/Housekeeper should be vigilant and take appropriate measures to always protect the children.

It’s important to note that the specific duties and responsibilities of a Nanny/Housekeeper working for a high-profile client can vary widely depending on the family’s individual preferences, family structure and household needs. The role may be tailored to accommodate the unique demands of the client’s lifestyle.

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What is the role of a Nanny/Housekeeper?