Domestic Couples for Private Households

A Domestic Couple bring combined skills and experience to a Private Household. The majority of Domestic Couples are married (or in a long term relationship) and are used to supporting one another in the role. They can live-in, or live-out, and often they are entitled to additional benefits such as accommodation and healthcare.

Responsibilities of a Domestic Couple:


They manage general housekeeping duties including cleaning and organising bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces.

Cooking and meal preparation

A Domestic Couple is often responsible for meal planning and preparation, including grocery shopping, cooking meals, and serving to the Principal or household members.


In a Private Household, a Domestic Couple is often responsible for the laundry, including sorting and washing, ironing, folding and organising of clothes and dry cleaning management.


A Domestic Couple will be responsible for planting and maintaining flowers, shrubs and trees and other plants in the garden, plus lawn care.


They will also be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the private residence, with duties including basic repairs, gardening, landscaping, pool maintenance and overseeing work of external suppliers, such as electricians or contractors.

Pet care

A Domestic Couple will be responsible for the care of pets in the household. This can involve feeding, walking, grooming, and ensuring the well-being of any animals.


What is the salary of a Domestic Couple?

A Domestic Couple can earn up to £90,000 (combined), with additional benefits such as accommodation, healthcare, training and development and travel opportunities.

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