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Elevate your career with Cora: Chief of Staff opportunities await

Are you a strategic thinker, a master orchestrator and a dynamic leader? Our private staffing agency, Cora, is your gateway to exclusive job opportunities in private households.

Why choose Cora for Chief of Staff Jobs?

Cora’s extensive network opens doors to exclusive positions tailored to your expertise.

Our dedicated team understands the unique skill set required for our Chief of Staff roles; we can match your skills and expertise to the specific household, ensuring a seamless blend in your capabilities and our client’s household needs.

Propel your career to new heights with Chief of Staff roles that offer strategic influence, executive collaboration, and platform for impactful for decision-making. Cora empowers you to step into leadership roles that redefine your professional career.

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Expectations of a Chief of Staff working in a Private Household

A strategic mind

  • If you possess a strategic mindset and thrive on optimising organisational efficiency, Cora’s Chief of Staff jobs are designed for you.

Adaptable leader

  • A Chief of Staff must be at the forefront of decision-making, and capable of navigating diverse challenges.

A visionary outlook

  • Are you a team player with a visionary outlook? Chief of Staff roles demand collaboration, and Cora connects you with private households that value your ability to drive collective success.

Cora brings together exceptional opportunities with unique talent – discover our latest opportunities and advance your career as Chief of Staff.