A chef kneading dough in a private kitchen

Explore a culinary adventure in the heart of London

Are you a culinary expert with a flair for creating unforgettable dining experiences? Your journey to a new opportunity begins here, with exclusive private chef opportunities in London. Explore why these roles are not simply jobs, but gateways to a world where your skills meet the epitome of luxury.

Specialists in Private Chef Jobs in London

At Cora, we recognise the vital role of a Private Chef, in their contribution to the overall lifestyle, health, and satisfaction of the Principal(s) in residence.

If you’re looking for private chef jobs in London – Cora offers a diverse range of opportunities to suit your professional experience.

Why choose Cora for Private Chef Jobs?

We represent a large network of clients, spanning UK and internationally – each differing in size and with their own set of requirements.

Our experienced team is dedicated in ensuring a smooth transition into your next private chef role, providing comprehensive support throughout the entire recruitment process.

We are committed to excellence, ensuring that you are presented with private chef jobs matching your culinary skills and expertise with the most discerning households.

A private chef standing over a steaming pot.


Expectations of a Private Chef in a Private Residence

Crafting personalised menus

  • Create personalised menus, tailored to the unique tastes and preferences of your Principal(s) and guests.

Flexibility for lifestyle integration

  • Embrace the flexibility that private chef roles offer. Curate your work schedule to accommodate the unique needs and lifestyles of your clients.

Exemplary professionalism

  • Demonstrate unparalleled professionalism working in an exclusive private residence. Punctuality, attention to detail and a commitment to continually exceeding expectations.

Building trust and lasting relationships

  • Forge strong, trust-based relationships with your Principal(s). Collaborate closely to understand their desires and deliver an unparalleled dining experienced that defines luxury.

Discover Cora’s latest private chef jobs in London and let your talent shine in the world of private households.