The rise of the Rota job in UHNW and HNW private households

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about significant changes in society, including the rise of new job roles specific to the needs of our ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) and high-net-worth (HNW) clients.

A rota professional works on a rotational schedule, typically working 24/7 for one or two weeks on/off, and living on-site whilst on duty, to cater to the needs of the household.

These roles cover a wide range of roles from Childcare, Private Security, Housekeeping, Household Management, Personal Concierge and Personal Assistant duties. The rotational aspect of their job ensures that there is always someone available to attend to the household’s requirements, even during unconventional hours or emergencies.

The pandemic prompted UHNW and HNW families to reassess their lifestyles and priorities, leading to an increased demand for personalised and round-the-clock assistance.

The rise of the Rota job can be attributed to a few factors:

  • A desire for enhanced privacy and exclusivity among UHNW families. For example, by employing a Rota Nanny, these families can ensure a dedicated and discreet member of staff, who is familiar with their unique preferences and requirements. Also, with travel restrictions and uncertainties because of COVID-19, UHNW and HNW families spent more time and their primary residence, making the need for consistent support more apparent.
  • The evolving nature of work and lifestyle patterns have also played a role in the growing demand for rota opportunities. The pandemic brought new trends such as remote work and flexible schedules into play – it has also allowed high-profile individuals to spend more time at their residences and prioritise their lifestyle and work commitments. By recruiting rota staff, it enables a more seamless experience, ensuring responsibilities such as childcare, or housekeeping, are taken care of – allowing their employers more time to focus on their work/personal life pursuits.

As we continue to navigate the aftermath of the pandemic, the demand for these specialised roles is expected to persist, catering to the unique requirements of UHNW and HNW families seeking enhanced support and convenience in their busy lives.

You can view our latest Rota opportunities here.

The rise of the Rota job in UHNW and HNW private households