What are the responsibilities of a Governess?

A governess in a private household typically provides education and care for children in the family.

The role of a governess combines elements of teaching and childcare, and it is often seen as a more formal and specialised position compared to a nanny.

Here are some common responsibilities and duties of a governess:

  • Governesses are hired to provide academic instruction to the children in the household. This may include teaching subjects such as mathematics, language arts, science, and other subjects specified by the parents or guardians
  • Governesses may be hired to teach additional languages, etiquette, or cultural studies, depending on the preferences and goals of the family
  • In addition to regular classroom-style instruction, governesses often provide one-on-one tutoring to address individual learning needs and challenges
  • Governesses are responsible for maintaining a structured and disciplined environment. They may enforce rules, set boundaries, and encourage positive behaviour
  • Governesses may organise and participate in cultural and recreational activities to enhance the children’s overall development. This could include visits to museums, libraries, and other educational outings
  • In some cases, governesses may travel with the family, especially if they are responsible for the children’s education and well-being during trips
  • Governesses often work closely with other household staff, such as nannies, drivers, and housekeepers, to ensure a cohesive and organised approach to childcare
  • Regular communication with the parents or guardians is essential. This includes providing updates on the children’s progress, discussing educational plans, and addressing any concerns or issues

It’s important to note that the specific duties of a governess can vary based on the preferences and needs of the hiring family. While some families may seek a highly academic-focused governess, others may prioritise additional skills such as music, art, or sports instruction.

The role is designed to provide a structured and educational environment within the private household setting.

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What are the responsibilities of a Governess?