What does a Butler do?

A Butler in a private household typically serves as the head of the household staff, and is responsible for managing the overall operations and smooth running of the residence.

The role of a Butler tends to include the following responsibilities:

Household management

They will coordinate and supervise the work of other domestic staff members, such as housekeepers, chefs, gardeners, and chauffeurs.

Personal service

A Butler provides a personal service to the employer and their guests – such as serving meals, pouring drinks, wardrobe management, running errands, and packing and unpacking luggage.

Event planning

They are often involved in planning and organising social events and gatherings hosted by the Principal. They may oversee the whole event, managing aspects such as the table setting, food and drinks service and guest accommodation.

Household security

They will oversee the security of the household – from implementing security measures, managing access, and coordinating with external security providers, when necessary.

Maintenance and upkeep of the residence

Butlers are responsible for ensuring the household is well-maintained and in good order. They may coordinate repairs and maintenance, supervise cleaning, and manage the household inventories.


A Butler may handle administrative tasks, such as managing budgets, maintaining inventories, and coordinating appointments and schedules for the employer and other household members.

The role of a Butler can be highly personalised, and specific duties vary on the Principal’s requirements and the size and nature of the household.

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What does a Butler do?