Private Client Salary Survey | 2023

As things quieten down in the run up to Christmas and the early days of New Year, I always get the urge to have a bit of a sort out – a clean out of the past year, a chance to look over what we could have done better, where we achieved and what trends have appeared over the previous 12 months (as well as an opportunity to empty the shredding box). As essential as it is cathartic, it also provides a chance to look over shifting trends in salaries and the candidate market.

What has become increasingly apparent is that the market is becoming more candidate driven. At the top end of the Private Client market salaries have risen significantly over the past 24 months which reflects the smaller candidate pool in which we are fishing. This is a direct result of the global movement of people as countries went into Lockdowns, and many UK based foreign nationals working in hospitality (from private client, to hotels and down through the strata) went home and, for whatever reason, haven’t come back. This is particularly evident in the housekeeping and childcaring sectors and has meant that the average wage in London in these roles has gone up considerably because candidates are able to pick and choose their roles.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent sanctioning of ‘pro-Kremlin’ London based Russians has also had a knock-on effect into the candidate market. There are fewer roles at the very top end of management, as the large Russian households have been shut down and therefore senior management positions have become harder to come by. It is not my place to say whether or not the Sanctions have had a positive effect – but it has left a lot of candidates without work overnight – mostly foreign nationals who were sending money home to assist with family life. Those ‘sanctioned’ yes have had their lives inconvenienced – but not decimated. Those at the bottom end of the food chain were left with no job, no P45 and for some no roof over their head…

The below displays London based private household salaries coming into 2023 – please do bear in mind that this is representative of the top end of the market within private households.

Salaries are average gross per annum, unless otherwise stated.

Role – Private Household Salary

House Manager – £75,000 – £150,000

Chauffeur – £45,000-£65,000

Domestic Couples – £90,000+ combined

Gardeners – £34,000-£45,000

Butler – £50,000-£60,000

Handyperson / Maintenance – £32,000-£45,000

Chef – £55,000-£80,000

Personal Assistant – £45,000-£85,000
£25-£45 per hour

Head Housekeeper – £55,000-£75,000

Housekeeper – £38,000-£60,000

Housekeeper / Nanny – £38,000-£60,000

Housekeeper / Maids – £32,000-£42,000

Housekeeper / Cooks – £38,000-£55,000

Laundress / Wardrobe Manager – £38,000 – £55,000

Nanny – £45,000 – £80,000

Part time Nanny – £18 -£25 per hour

Governess – £55,000 -£85,000

Maternity Nurse – £280 – £500 per day

For a full copy of the Salary Survey – including rural and international locations please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Private Client Salary Survey | 2023