Why is there a growing demand for Domestic Couples?

Over the past decade, the Office for National Statistics has reported a 20% increase in the number of couples working in domestic roles. In this blog post, we delve into the factors behind this trend, highlighting the evolving socio-economic dynamics and lifestyle preferences amongst high-net-worth-individuals in the UK and Europe.

Rise in HNWI and families

The rise in affluent households who often own large private estates that require comprehensive management and upkeep, making the employment of domestic couples an attractive option.

Couples bring a broad range of skills

Domestic couples offer a mix of complementary skills – often one might focus on housekeeping, cooking and interiors, while the other might be skilled in gardening, property maintenance, driving or security. This ensures the needs of the estate are met by a single recruit.

Cost effectiveness

Employing a domestic couple can be more cost-effective than hiring multiple single individuals for different private household positions.

Reliability and trust

Domestic couples often have a long-standing partnership, leading to a higher level of trust and reliability. Estate owners value this stability and the reduced likelihood of turnover compared to hiring multiple unrelated staff members, who potentially may clash.

Enhanced security

Having a domestic couple living on the premises can enhance security for the estate. Their presence acts as a deterrent, and they are often better positioned to respond promptly to any emergencies or issues that arise on the estate.

Lifestyle match

There is a growing trend among wealthy individuals and families towards a more private and self-sufficient lifestyle. Having a domestic couple ensures that all aspects of household management are taken care of discreetly and professionally, supporting this desire for privacy and independence.

Cultural preference

In some European cultures, there is a long-standing tradition of employing domestic staff, and this continues to influence contemporary preferences. The convenience and luxury of having dedicated domestic support remain highly valued.

Overall, the combination of increased wealth, the desire for personalised and comprehensive service, and the practical benefits of employing a versatile, trustworthy ‘team’ are driving the growing demand for Domestic Couples on private estates.

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Why is there a growing demand for Domestic Couples?